The Pillar of SHame in Hong Kong

before it was painted orange

Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong  

China has removed the Pillar of Shame from the University of Hong Kong, which has led to an international scandal.

The Pillar of Shame was the only monument in China to commemorate the thousands who died at the Tiananmen Square massacre. By removing the sculpture, China is trying to erase the event from their history. 

At present the Pillar of Shame is in a container in Hong Kong. Jens Galschiot wants to bring it back to Europe. But self-censorship and fear of Chinese retaliation has made it difficult to hire somebody to do the job.  

Meanwhile copies of the sculpture is being 3D-printed all over the world. China took down one Pillar of Shame and got thousands in return. 


2023 Kidnapping of the Pillar of Shame

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