Banners are printed in Denmark and sent to everyone

"The banners will be used on June 4th for commemorations of the massacre in Beijing in 1989. They show China that the country cannot erase its own history. At the same time, the banners mark that China's kidnapping of one of Hong Kong's symbols of freedom (the Pillar of Shame) only leads to more resistance".

Jens Galschiøt


Banners files for print, 3D PoS files, Augmented reality 

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Banner lithographs - 2023 - onward

China has removed the Pillar of Shame sculpture from the University of Hong Kong, and locked it in a container, refusing to release it.

Now the Pillar of Shame has multiplied all over the world. The sculpture appears as 3D prints, digital illustrations and giant Banners.

We have printed hundreds of Banners in sizes between 9 meters and 90 cm tall. Each banner is signed by Jens Galschiot and numbered, as huge lithographs.

The banners are sent to exile Hong Kong'ers, Tiananmen-survivors, supporters and Human Rights organisations. They use the banners for the traditional commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th, 1989.

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This list is being updated. Please write or call to get in touch with the people behind the manifestations


Banner lithographs

42 cities, 18 countries and counting...

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USA - New York                                             

Human Rights in China and China Democracy Party

USA - Los Angeles                                        

China Democracy Party Youth Department

USA - Washington DC                         

USA – Boston

Boston Alliance for Commemoration of Tiananmen Massacre

USA - San Francisco

Humanitarian China and Chinese Democracy Education Foundation

USA - San Francisco

Hong Kong Democracy Council - Link

USA - Newberry Springs, California.

Weiming Chen, artist, Liberty Sculpture Park,

USA - San Francisco

St. Francis Episcopal Church of willow Glen

Japan, Tokyo

Tokyo Alliance for Commemorating Tiananmen Massacre

Japan, Tokyo

Stand with HK@JPN

Taiwan, Taipei

New School of Democracy,

Taiwan, Taipei,

Dialogue China,

Korea, Seoul

White Paper in Korea

Canada, Toronto

Assembly of Citizens,

Czech Republic, Prague

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Manifestation led by: James Shengliang Lin,

Germany, Berlin, Contact:, Ph: (+49) 7723-8739633,

Germany, Frankfurt

Germany, Düsseldorf

Germany, Munich

New Zealand, Wellington


New Zealand, Auckland

New Zealand Alliance for Commemorating Tiananmen Massacre event 

Warsawa Poland

Free Chinese in Poland, Pawel Mueli

England, London

London Alliance for Commemorating Tiananmen Massacre.

England, Leeds

HongKongers in Leeds

England, London (Kingston)

Kingston UK HKers Stand with Hong Kong & Sutton Hong Kong Culture & Arts Society

England, Birmingham

Hongkongers in Britain (West Midlands)

England, London

Ipac Global,

England, Nottingham

Nottingham Stands with Hong Kong - 


Scotland, Aberdeen

Scottish Hongkongers

France, Paris

Solidarité Chine

Belgium, Bruxelles (European Parliament)

Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of European Parliament The Greens/EFA

Sweden, Stockholm

Befria Hong Kong,

Norway, Oslo

Hong Kong Committee In Norway

Australia, Sidney

Australia-Hong Kong Links (NSW)

Australia, Brisbane

Hong Kong International Alliance Brisbane

Australia, Melbourne

Victoria Hongkongers Association

Denmark, Silkeborg

Enhedslisten (The Red/Green Alliance) & A -Global Solidaritet.
Christian Juhl,, Ph.+45 5370 5098

Denmark, Give

Skulpturby Give,, Viggo: Ph.+45 2217 3335

Denmark, Copenhagen (Gammeltorv)

Amnesty International Denmark, Head of Communication and Media – Malene Haakansson

Denmark, Copenhagen

Denmark, Thisted

Denmark, Thisted (library, school of culture etc.)

Denmark, Odense

Art In Defence of Humanism - (JensGalschiot)

Selection of Early Banner Events
It is impossible to keep track of all the events, but here is a list of some of the ones we know of.


May 5 - USA, Conell University, link

May 7 - USA, Times Square, New York Link

May 7 - USA, Los Angeles, China Democracy Party Youth Department

May 14 - USA, Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, LA, by China Democracy Party Youth Department

May 14 - USA, Stanford University, by Humanitarian China & Chinese Democracy Education Foundation. Led by @fangzheng1989 

May 14 - USA, UC Berkeley, by Humanitarian China and Chinese Democracy Education Foundation

May 14 - USA, Golden Gate Bridge, Humanitarian China & Chinese Democracy Education Foundation. Led by @fangzheng1989

May 19 - USA,  California, by artist Weiming Chen, Twitter

May 21 - USA, Santa Monica Pier by China Democracy Party Youth Department, Media:  Voice of America, Free Asia, The Epoch Times 

May 28 - USA Capital Square, Washington by

May 30 - France, Notre Dame, by Solidarité Chine. Link

May ? - England London, in front of Chinese Embassy (photos below)

June 2 - New Zealand - Wellington - Images projected on Chinese Embassy! (photos below) Link

June 3 - France, Paris, Pontss des Arts by Solidarité Chine

June 3 - France, Paris, Colonnes de Turenne

June 4 - Taiwan, Teipei. link

June 4 - Norway, Oslo - By Chinese embassy! (by Nor) Link

June 4 - England, Birmingham - Link

June 4 - England, London, inside Parliament

June 4 - France, Paris - Several Places

June 4 - Sweden, Stockholm  Link

June 4 - Belgium - Bruxelles Link


Nov. 10  - USA - San Francisco Link

(The list is far from updated....)

Photos from Banner Manifestations

Galschiøts work


Pillar of Shame

Augmented Reality Photos

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