Banners are printed in Denmark and send to everyone

"The banners will be used on June 4th for commemorations of the massacre in Beijing in 1989. They show China that the country cannot erase its own history. At the same time, the banners mark that China's kidnapping of one of Hong Kong's symbols of freedom (the Pillar of Shame) only leads to more resistance".

Jens Galschiøt

Banner Manifestations - 2023 - onward

China has removed the Pillar of Shame sculpture from the University of Hong Kong, and locked it in a container, refusing to release it.

Now the Pillar of Shame has multiplied all over the world. The sculpture appears as 3D prints, digital illusions and giant Banners.

We have printed hundreds of Banners in sizes between 9 meters and 90 cm tall. Each banner is signed by Jens Galschiot and numbered, as huge lithographs.

The banners are sent to exile Hongkongers, Tiananmen-survivors, supporters and Human Rights organisations. They use the banners for the traditional commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th, 1989.

This list is being updated. Please write or call to get in touch with the people behind the manifestations

Banners files for print, 3D PoS files, Augmented reality etc.




Banner Manifestations
(to be updated with organisations info and more)

  • USA - New York
  • USA - Los Angeles
  • USA - Washington DC
  • USA – Boston
  • USA - San Francisco
  • USA - Newberry Springs, California.
  • USA - San Francisco
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Taiwan, Taipei
  • Taiwan, Taipei,
  • Korea, Seoul
  • Canada, Toronto
  • Czech Republic, Prague
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Germany, Berlin
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Germany, Düsseldorf
  • Germany, Munich
  • New Zealand, Wellington
  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Warsawa Poland
  • England, London
  • England, Leeds
  • England, London (Kingston)
  • England, Birmingham
  • England, London
  • England, Nottingham    
  • Scotland, Aberdeen
  • France, Paris
  • Belgium,  Bruxelles (European Parliament)
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • Norway,Oslo
  • Australia, Sidney
  • Australia, Brisbane
  • Australia, Melbourne
  • Denmark, Silkeborg
  • Denmark, Give
  • Denmark, Copenhagen (Gammeltorv)
  • Denmark, Copenhagen

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