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Park of Sculptures

Park of Sculptures at Gallery Galschiøt

In the sculpture park, and the area around the studio, it is possible to enjoying a nice walk in the green area where Galschiot exhibits some of his bigger works. The park is located just outside the gallery and is used for recreation.

In the summertime there are coffee tables outside, so you can enjoy the weather, the park and each other.

In the park and in the entrance, the exhibitions are often changed, but usually 30 to 40 sculptures are on display. You can see the 2 tons of The Berlin Wall that Galschiot received from the mayor of Berlin in 1989. Furthermore you can see "My Inner Beast", the 8 meters tall "Pillar of Shame", the sculptures of "The Homeless", the "Hungermarch" and a lot of Hans Christian Andersen-sculptures.

On the roof of the surrounding buildings of the TV-station, the wattle office and the foundry school hundreds of casted hands from children from the art installation "Hands of Rock" are mounted, as well as a crucified teenager ("In the Name of God").

On the walls there is a huge painting made by the Mexican painter Gostavo Peron, which symbolizes the globalization of the third world. It was originally created for the cultural festival "Image of the World".

Our plan right now is to remake the park with a special focus on Hans Christian Andersen.

Opening hours:

Manday to friday: 9 - 17

Saterday: Closed

Sunday: 12-16

Summer holidays - week 28-32

Sunday to friday: 12-17

Saterday: closed


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