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Art school at Jens Galschiøts workshop

At Jens Galschiøts workshop and gallery, you will find an art school, where we offer courses in casting sculptures and jewelry

Two art schools have been established on the site, where courses in sculpture are regularly held. and jewelery making, bronze casting, wickerwork and other handicrafts.

The casting course is held in rooms at sculptor Jens Galschiøt's workshop. Here we have set up a professional foundry school, where all the necessary machines and expertise are available.

About the course

Art school offers 5-day courses in casting jewelry and sculptures

After the course, you can bring your own artwork home.

The course is for both beginners and experienced. It is precisely the mix of beginners and practitioners that we experience as a great source of inspiration for both parties.

The casting course is held in the premises of sculptor Jens Galschiot's workshop. Here we have set up a professional foundry school where all the necessary machinery and expertise are available.

Even if you are a beginner, you will already be working with the art of your interest after some quick instructions.

During the course you will go through all the phases of the manufacturing process with the technique "cire perdue", which includes:

  • Modeling in wax
  • Setting up the wax placed in mold pipes
  • Plastering and evacuation
  • Waxing of plaster molds
  • Plaster burnout Vacuum casting in silver or bronze
  • Cleaning of plaster casts
  • Grinding, oxidizing, polishing, and finishing of jewelry and sculpture

Preparation for course

Many people make wax sculptors and jewelery from home to use the course exclusively to cast and complete them. It is therefore a great advantage to pass by Gallery Galschiot and get some wax home with you. That way you have better time to let your creativity run free.

In the two schools, some fantastically beautiful floors in polished marble and granite have been laid. In the back area of ​​the schools you can see a large mosaic of a Mexican snake of 10 x 2 meters made of thousands of marble and granite pieces. This mosaic is made by one of Galschiøt's students Marianne and the Mexican painter Rey Morales.


Educational site

Gallery Galschiot, Banevænget 22, 5270 Odense N. Denmark

Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 15:30


Registration for the course here, through the odd evening school or on tel. +45 20 83 96 74 (Jan Johansen)

To give you the best possible course, there is SEATS ONLY FOR 6 PEOPLE PER. COURSE.

If you need accommodation, please contact the course manager Niaz Bayati tel. 22 28 49 75 or Jens Galschiøt on tel. 66 18 40 58

Sign up for the casting course here


Støbekurser 2019 (dk)

The course is held over 5 days and costs DKK 2,275 excl. materials (material prices are shown at the bottom)

Material Prices

To give the course participants the opportunity to produce many topics within the 5 days of the course, we have chosen to have a fixed material price, which includes the use of tools, plaster, evacuation, machines, polishes, metals, castings, etc.

Bronze Casting:

Items up to 50g = 2 kr. gram

Topics from 51g - 300g = 1 kr. gram

Items from 301g onwards = 0.75 kr. pr. gram

Silver Casting:

The daily price for silver (our purchase price) + 2 kr. per. gram.

For bronze the price is calculated per. gram on cast and finished item (thus not paid for waste etc.). For silver, the price is calculated by cutting items after casting. Calculation is done per topic and NOT OVERALL.