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As something very special, Galschiøt has chosen to open its workshops to visitors.

In the workshop, which is 700 m2 in size, Galschiøt works with his employees to model his works, from the smallest jewelery and up to 8 meter high sculptures and art installations that are being built up in wax to later be cast in bronze and copper at the site's own foundry.

The place abounds with finished and semi-finished sculptures that emerge everywhere in this kaleidoscopic artist universe. Here you can get a completely unique insight into the artistic creation process, which in Galschiøt's case also contains a good portion of creative chaos.

In the workshop you can also concretely follow and see the technical process, where you work with the ancient wax techniques, where the sculpture is modeled in wax and then cast into plaster, after which the wax is heated out and the bronze is poured into the cavity of the burned wax. has left in the plaster.

You can book guided tours.

Opening hours:

Manday to friday: 9 - 17

Saterday: Closed

Sunday: 12-16

Summer holidays - week 28-32

Sunday to friday: 12-17

Saterday: closed


Always free Entré!



Jens Galschiøt / Galleri Galschiøt

Banevænget 22, 5270 Odense N


Tlf: (+45) 6618 4058




Guided Tours (PDF)


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