Housing at Galleri Galschiøt

Jens Galschiøt, and his wife Colette Markus, have in recent years begun to turn parts of Galleri Galschiøt into a residential area.

The goal of the project is to create a residential area with passionate people who together can create an inspiring neighbor community

A place to live for young people, the elderly and children

At Galleri Galschiøt in Næsby on the outskirts of Odense, we are creating a cohensive residential area, which will be inhabited by a good mix of the elderly, young people and children.

It will be an area with newly built houses in addition to the 9 existing homes, which already belong to the Gallery.

The construction is the starting point for thoughts and dreams that we (Jens Galschiøt and Colette Galschiøt Markus) have about how we ourselves would like to live. The plans have been under preparation for the last 5-6 years.

We want us who live there to be interested in:

  • Other than just having a place to live - that it is not only a rental property but also a lifestyle.

  • That we are interested in other residents and/or the world around us,

  • To be a place where you inspire each other and let the place grow and develop depending on us who live there.

  • That being with children, parents, the elderly, young people and single people enriches each other, through e.g. small food clubs, childcare, etc.

  • That we also have our privacy, where we decide for ourselves what, when and how much we take part in the community.

The plan is to make some lovely homes with orangeries and/or terraces, large communal gardens, a monthly communal dining in the gallery and hopefully have a lot of lovely and exciting neighbors.

We have architect Jesper Thyge, who is one of Odense's most visionary architects, to develop the new homes.

All homes will be rental homes owned by Galleri Galschiøt (by Jens and Colette Galschiøt) and will consist of a total of 19 households in 12 houses. We have been drawing, calculating, making local plans, etc. for several years and expect that they will be ready for occupancy in 2022-23. Rental of the homes takes place according to general rental rules and is subject to the Rent Act, so you can possibly. get a housing subsidy from the public sector if you are entitled to it.

The price is DKK 6,000 - 12,000 for the apartments. New construction is the most expensive.

The whole area incl. buildings become CO2-neutral

Inquiries to Colette Markus, colette@markus.dk, tel. 2126 5257 or Jens Galschiøt tel. 4044 7058.