Coverage of Galschiøt



Here you will find an overview of press coverage about Galschiøt


Jens Galschiøt's works have often found its way to the news media. Here you will find a selection of TV and Radio coverage of some selected art exhibitions made by Galschiøt.

The media coverage and documentation of Galschiøt's artwork is far greater than what you find on this site, and therefore there is much more media coverage to be found on the web.


Through many years of art activism, Jens Galschiøt and colleagues have managed to create much publicity and debate around the world. Here you can find clippings from various newspaper articles about Galschiøt's works and influence.

Most links link to a PDF file that contains several articles that has been published about Galschiøt's works.


We send out a monthly newsletter on activities at Galschiøt. Here you will find an overview of previous mail we sent. Feel free to browse through them and see what projects and events Galschiøt has been involved with over time.


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