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In the name of God

Year: 2006, Mesures: 160 cm x 160 cm x 40 cm, Materials: Copper, steal

About "In the Name of God"

The life-size sculpture depicts a pregnant teenager hanging on a 5 meter high crucifix. There are 5 copies of the sculpture, two of which are wearing clothes that cover breasts and sex


It is made as a commentary on the influence of the Catholic Church, which, led by the Polish Pope John Paul, banned the use of contraception and sexual education in the name of God.


This prohibition still applies to all Catholics. The fundamentalist part of the Protestant churches has since backed the ban with the support of i.a. the Republican American presidents.


The sculpture focuses on the fact that the ban means even more unwanted pregnancies and more HIV-positive people due to unprotected intercourse. With this, women and especially the very young teenage girls bear the bulk of the catastrophic consequences of the ban on contraception and abortion.



In the name of God was inaugurated for International AIDS Day in 2006 in front of Copenhagen Cathedral in collaboration with the parish council and the dean Anders Gadegaard.

It has since been used by many women's organizations and in many publications. It has been exhibited at a myriad of museums and exhibition venues, among others. at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya 2007; in Nicaragua 2007, where it was and still is at the forefront of women's struggle against the extremely restrictive abortion policy; The Women's Museum in Aarhus and in 2012 at the Rio + 20 environmental conference in Brazil.


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