Galschiøts work


Dante enters into dialogue with the 21st century

An art installation by Jens Galschiøt on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante's death

Exhibition venue: Dante's Square, Copenhagen

Period: 13th September to 31st November 2021

Opening: 13th Sep at 17: 00- Dante's place. Everyone is welcome

Exhibition organizer: "Residents' Association for Dante's Square and nearby areas"

Contact persons: Jette Ingerslev & Jens Galschiøt  40447058


Read more about the exhibition and the vernissage here (dk)

Background for the art installation:

Galschiøt has created an art installation to bring Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) and his life and thoughts into the 21st century.

Galschiøt's intention is to have the sculptures engage in a dialogue with the viewers about the experience of living in a modern, pulsating city like Copenhagen.

Similar to Dante, he aims to involve the public in this dialogue, especially regarding democratic processes - or their absence - particularly around Dante's Square.

In this location, Q-Park and the City of Copenhagen intend to convert Dante's currently green Paradise into a Dante's black Parking Hell, despite numerous protests from institutions, associations, residents, and businesses.

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