Survival of the Fattest by Jens Galschiøt

Survival of the Fattest - 2002

"Survival of the Fattest" is a 3.5-meter-tall sculpture depicting a colossal overweight Justitia - the Goddess of Justice. She holds the weighs of justice in her right hand while being carried on the shoulders of a starving African man.

With eyes closed, Justitia proclaims, "I am sitting on the back of a man. He is sinking under my burden. I will do anything to help him. Except stepping down from his back." This pronunciation is inscribed on the sculpture's pedestal.

Galschiøt received assistance from sculptor Lars Calmar in creating this large female sculpture.

The sculpture portrays the imbalanced distribution of the world's resources, where the rich live comfortably and oppress the poor by means of a biased and unjust global trade system. A discriminatory trade policy is enforced to keep the impoverished countries out of competition.

The sculpture was unveiled in December 2002 in Copenhagen. Subsequently, Danish NGOs used the sculpture in their campaign against global trade robbery.


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Survival of the Fattest