Historical Traces by Jens Galschiøt

Historical traces - 2017

"Historical Traces" serves as an artistic reminder of the environment that existed at the harbor in Aarhus, from a time, when everything was unloaded by hand.

The sculpture group consists of 7 people cast in bronze. 4 people are busy unloading coffee bags, 2 people are stacking them, and the last one is having a brief rest.

The LO Aarhus union collaborated with Jens Galschiøt to commission a dockworker monument for the harbor in Aarhus. This sculpture portrays a typical working scene at Aarhus Harbor and consist of seven figures cast in copper-bronze and stainless steel.

The Salling Foundation generously contributed 405,000 euros towards the creation of the sculpture. The unveiling of the sculpture was planned for late August 2017, while Aarhus was designated as the European City of Culture.





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Historical traces