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Dear Ambassador

Would you kindly forward this postcard to Yasaman Aryani, who is currently being imprisoned at Evin Prison by The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yasaman Aryani was jailed after peacefully handing out flowers in Tehran to raise awareness of a woman’s right to wear the hijab or not.

Dear Yasaman Aryani,

I’m sending this Rose to you, so you know you’re not alone in the world. We are many who support you and your cause.

You have peacefully handed out flowers in Tehran without a hijab to draw attention to a women’s right to decide for herself which clothes she will wear and if she wants to wear a hijab or not.

What you are fighting for is a human right that women in other parts of the world take for granted, but for which you have received a lengthy prison sentence. It is an outrage that there are still places in the world where women’s rights are as brutally suppressed as they are in Iran. I urge the Iranian government to release you immediately.

This rose is also for the many other women in Iran who are imprisoned under horrible conditions, simply for standing up for women’s rights in Iran.

With warm regards,