Abrahams Børn af Jens Galschiøt

The Children of Abraham - 2015

The Children of Abraham is an art and dialogue project created by Jens Galschiøt.

The project highlights the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The art project consists of 4 elements:

    • The Fundamentalism sculpture – a monumental art installation in the form of a sculpture which stages the monotheistic religions’ dogmas in 3,5 m. tall letters of copper and steel.
    • 600 of the darkest and brightest quotes – from The Torah, The Bible and The Quran –  are shown on the Fundamentalism sculpture’s 28 monitors, and are used in the quotation-quiz etc.
    • The Pillars of Scriptures – a number of copper sculptures, exhibited separately to compel citizens to join the dialogue.
    • The dialogue project – the Secretariat for The Children of Abraham mediates the project and spearheads the dialogue with numerous initiatives.

    The Children of Abraham was first exhibitioned in Silkeborg Bad, and has since been touring around Denmark, and at the Europian Parlement

    VIsit The Children of Abrham official website, where you will be able to find pictures, educational tools, relegion quiz, quotes and much more mere.


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    The Children of Abraham