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Solar cells at Gallery Galschiøt

Crowfunding to make the Gallery CO2 neutral

Pricelist of Solar Collector sculptures

The crowdfunding price is reduced by 50 to 70% of the normal price. All the sculptures are unique and the sale goes to put 2000 m2 of solar cells on our roof

Crowd funding the sale of solar cell sculptures stops on 22 December - then we have collected enough money and prices rise to normal - thanks for the help to everyone who has supported us, without you it would not have been possible to get all the solar cells up :-) . From now on, all activities that take place or leave the gallery will be CO2 free.

Solfangere af Jens Galschiøt

Help us create a CO2 neutral area

We plan to place approx. 2,000 m2 of solar cells on the roofs of Galleri Galschiøt. We would be able to produce 300,000 Kilo Watt (kW) per year, which means we can save the world about 120 tons of CO2.

Establishing the large solar cell plant costs at least DKK 1.5 million. We can't afford that. So Galschiot is in the process of making a whole new series of unique "Solar collector" sculptures in copper, which we sell as a Crowdfunding project to finance the solar cells. They will be made in many different prices.

The sale is only for a limited crowdfunding period, which ends when we have collected the money and any unsold sales will be set up at normal price. According to the principle, sales are first come, first served.

Come visit us at the gallery and see the many beautiful solar sculptures. We are open every weekday 9 - 17 and Sunday 12 - 16.

For more information contact us at, or call Gallery Galschiøt at +45 66 18 40 58

The solar collector sculptures have a pervasive theme with a magical scepter, consisting of a mountain crystal rock that captures the sun and transforms it into energy.

The scepter is carried by some kind of watchman or mounted on a pedestal alone. All the copper sculptures are unique and very different and in many sizes. Prices therefore also vary widely. The only thing you can be sure of is that they are greatly reduced - (see the normal price in brackets).


 Solar witch                            6.800 kr.            (18.000 kr.)

The witch is the symbol of the female energy, magic, damnation and speed which is integrated into this sculpture series. It suddenly appeared when I modeled some completely different sculptures that consisted of describing horses in speed, where as with the witch I let the speed "dissolve" the sculpture.

(Height: approx. 50cm | Material: Copper & rock crystal | Foot: Stone (Granite) |

Solar grathere                          4.800 kr.        (12.000 kr.)
Solar gathere (tree legged)   5.200 kr.        (14.000 kr.)

The solar-gather, gathers the energy in a small bag. She is the symbol of the seeker who explores nature's resources and possibilities. She is the incarnation of the mother nature of the earth and lives in complete covenant with nature and represents life in balance with the earth's resources.

(Height: approx. 55cm | Material: Copper & rock crystal | Foot: Stone (Granite) |

The Alcemist                          3.800 kr.          (9.000 kr.)
The Alcemist(tree legged)   4.200 kr.        (10.000 kr.)

The alchemist is the experimental soul who, with technical ingenuity and finesse, develops our abilities to capture the solar energy and use it for the benefit of all. The alchemist is also a mixture of a crazy and brilliant person who forms the basis of all the enlightenment time and the technological world we know. The alchemist has both created great prosperity, but at the same time shamed the earth's resources and created climate change.

(Height: approx. 50cm | Material: Copper & rock crystal | Foot: Stone (Granite) |

The Magician                       3.800 kr.           (8.500 kr.)

The magician is the ethereal version of the alchemist. The magician has great insight into the corners of the mind and the spiritual energies of the universe and, by pure spirit, tries to balance the world

(Height: approx. 50 cm | Material: Copper & rock crystal | Foot: Stone (Granite) |

Solar plexus                       1.500 kr.           (3.800 kr.)

The solar plexus is the energy field around the magical sun (stone) that forms the center of all energy in the universe. Solar plexus is also the third of the human chakras known as the "navel jewel", which is associated with the emotions. The harmony of the Solar Plexus depends on a good grounding.

(Height: approx. 25cm | Material: Copper & rock crystal | Foot: Stone (Granite) |

The solar stone                          600 kr.         (1.200 kr.)

Solstenen er en” lommeversion” af solar plexus figuren, der kan ligge og samle energi i vinduet og få en til at tænke på en verden i balance.

(Højde: ca. 6cm | Materiale: Kobber & bjergkrystal | Fod: Sten (Granit)|