Info about housing at Galleri Galschiøt

All residents will have the right to use and direct access to the 2 large communal gardens, Østhaven and Skulpturparken of a total of 4-5000m2, which are connected by an inner street in the area. In the sculpture park, gallery guests can too come, and here you can sit and enjoy yourself. The gallery is open to visitors until about 17 on weekdays and 12- 16 on Sunday. After this, the area is intended for private residence.

We plan to enclose the entire area with small kitchen gardens á la city gardens, ie boxes as you can book in on. and establish different areas where the children can unfold.

All common areas are cared for by a farm/garden man.

New houses

2 groups of houses are being built with a total of 10 leases. All have their own orangeries/terrace and/or small garden.

One group consists of 3 houses with a total of 6 apartments (110m2) (see drawing no. 6): 3 apartments in ground floor, which has an orangery and small garden and 3 apartments on the 1st floor with terrace. The apartments are adjacent directly up to Østhaven, which extends from the driveway to the gallery and up between the villas and ends behind the gallery, where it opens into the inner street that goes down to the Sculpture Park.

The second group consists of 4 large houses (140 m2) (see drawing no. 7): the houses are on two floors with terrace and orangery in each house. These homes are located in the Sculpture Park itself.

Existing homes

There are already 9 existing good and renovated homes, which already now or in the long term will be part of the outward-looking environment that we want.

The existing homes are:

Rønnevej 19 A (no. 1 on the drawing): small villa (86m2 + basement).

Rønnevej 19 B (no. 2 on the drawing): large house with 4 apartments (of 100m2 each).

- These 2 houses are directly adjacent to the Sculpture Park.

Rønnevej 7 (no. 3 on the drawing): large villa (150m2). Adjacent to Østhaven.

Banevænget 16 (no. 4 in the drawing): large villa, divided into 2 homes of 100m2. Adjacent to Østhaven

Banevænget 20 (no. 5 in the drawing): large villa (130m2).

Banevænget 20 B: wood turning workshop (65m2),

- located between the gallery and eastside garden (østerhaven)

With the new homes, a total of 19 households will be associated with the project

Residents coincil

We expect to form a residents' council for all residents who belong to the complex. The residents' council will be a kind of body for the residents and will be able to come up with proposals for new initiatives in the common areas, proposals for events, be responsible for a car-sharing scheme, or whatever else might come from wishes.

Each housing unit pays a smaller fixed monthly amount that the residents' council has at its disposal. Workshop: We plan to build a small workshop (of approx. 50 m2), which the residents can use for various creative activities. The users of the workshop supply machines, tools and more.

New occupations take place through written applications to Galleri Galschiøt. The residents' council is of course included in the decision on new immigrants.


The gallery, workshop and all properties belong to a CVR company number "Galleri Galschiøt", which is personally owned by Colette Markus and Jens Galschiøt. Iflg. According to the local plan, we must not subdivide the houses into owner-occupied or cooperative housing.

All homes rest financially in themselves, and all tenants are protected by the Tenancy Act, which means that they are non-cancellable and have full right of use over the areas described in the individual tenancies. Everyone has the right to use all the common areas.

You naturally have full control over your own home according to the lease, and proposals for the content and development of the common areas will go through a residents' council and be approved by the owners, who are otherwise very receptive to good ideas, as long as the economy is sustainable and it does not interfere with Galleri Galschiøt's work.