Gallery Galschiøt and the homes are located on the outskirts of Odense, Næsby, and is a quiet and attractive villa neighborhood with kindergartens, good school, and shopping opportunities

The future of Galleri Galschiøt and the homes

As we both (Jens b.1954 and Colette b.1949) are up in age, we have realized that at some point a generational change will be needed, even though we intend to continue until we retire. We are constantly working on the challenge with details and expect that it will look something like this:

The tenants:

The rental housing rests financially in itself, and an administrator is employed who takes care of all administrative matters relationship. The tenants are protected by the Tenancy Act and thus virtually non-cancellable. We expect that the residents - independent of us - get established a form of community and participate in various activities, so the place will continue to be an exciting and creative place to live, with or without Jens Galschiøt.

The workshop/Gallery:

For the past 10 years, Jens and Galleri Galschiøt's employees have worked to ensure that the dynamic workshop can survive on something other than sculptures (ie without Jens and his signature). They have built up an economy in the form of conferences, concerts, cultural events, art school, solar cell power supply, gallery / exhibition business, performing events / foundry tasks, and will probably rest in themselves during the next 4- 5 years.

This will mean that there will continue to be an artistic, creative and dynamic environment, which can also be expanded with new creative initiatives, as the place offers many opportunities.

Vision and dreams

We have some notions and dreams in the short and long term. The new passionate and creative people we expect to move in probably also have dreams and desires. Of course there will be some limitations due to the economy, or because it will be disruptive to the workplace Gallery, but as Galleri Galschiøt makes a living by supporting good ideas, we hope that together we can develop the residential area into a cool place to live and live in.

Here you can see some of the dreams we have:

  • Establishment of some smaller plots for a little herbs etc. These places are made and cared for by those who want to use them.

  • Establishment of artistic playgrounds / tools, which are part of the Sculpture Park.

  • Common parts-electric car.

  • Establishment of a communal kitchen with a good chef (who would like to live there), who can cook out of the house and at the same time cook for the community some of the days. It must be up to the individual whether they want to participate.

  • Develop several small oases with water, shelter and sun areas in the common areas. Perhaps the gallery's many visitors could form the breeding ground for small independent studios/galleries to pop up in the neighborhood around Banevænget with working artists and changing small exhibitions.

  • We are working on getting more intimate concerts with good star artists (one will have to pay to attend). There is room for up to 500 pers.

  • Guest accommodation for overnight guests. Possibly. establish a youth collective in one of the surrounding houses.

  • Morning yoga in the gallery.

  • Workshop for the residents: wood, ceramics, metal or whatever the mood might be.

Forhåbentlig giver økonomien med tiden mulighed for, at mange af projekterne kan gennemføres.

The new solarpanels at Galleri Galschiøt, generates enough energy to make the entire workshop CO2 neutral. The plant even generates a large amount of excess electricity back to the electricity grid